Vessyl Smart Mug Tells You What You Drink

September 4, 2016


Vessyl looks great. It has an ultra-modern design that is attractive but at first glance you may see it as ordinary. Do not let the first impression full you since this 13 oz mug is a smart gadget. All you have to do is pour something in it. Then, it can identify what drink type it is. Vessyl will give you information about what you drink, including dietary content like protein, fat, caffeine, calories and sugar. Beverages are identified by name and results are shown right on the mug.

Meet Vessyl

The App

Vessyl is connected to a smartphone app that works on Android and iOS. Data is transferred from the smart mug to the phone through Bluetooth. The app will then analyze daily beverage intake. As you fill your Vessyl mug, your app tracks exactly what you drink and will show various specific details like how much caffeine you drank or how many calories you consumed.


Vessyl Improves Your Health

The smart mug will tell you when you have to drink more water. This is done by displaying a blue line that will rise and fall based on hydration level. The technology behind this is named “Pryme”. You can display that on the cup or in the app.

If you want to cut down on caffeine intake or you want to closely monitor a specific ingredient, you can use the Vessyl “Lenses”. These are target monitors that can be show on the cup directly so you always know how much of a specific ingredient you consumed during the day.

What we drink is a source of calories that we normally do not track or take into account. This can disrupt dieting and nutrition plans. Vessyl steps in to offer a tool that you can use in order to easily see what you drink and helps you to make healthy choices.


The Technology

We are not told much about the technology behind the Vessyl Smart Mug. The only thing that was revealed is that the sensor is in direct contact with the liquid you pour inside the cup. We also have a processor and various algorithms being used in order to detect beverages. Thousands are already included in the database.

What is interesting is that the technology used is not directly connected to a database of preset drinks. It can actually detect what is included inside homemade drinks.

Pre-Order Vessyl

Vessyl has been in development for 7 years. It is now ready to enter mass production in 2015. The US retail price will be of $199. If you think that the smart mug is one you would need, you can now pre-order from the official website here for just $99. A shipping charge of $10 is added for US and $18 for other countries.

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