Video Offers Preview Ride of Planet’s Tallest Roller Coaster

December 3, 2014

Here’s a nice way to roll into the Thanksgiving weekend.

A few months ago, we told you about The Skyscraper, expected to be world’s tallest roller coaster when it opens in Orlando, Fla. The official launch isn’t until 2017, but meanwhile the design team has released a computer-generated POV video to give riders a virtual preview.

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The Skyscraper will rise more than 500 feet into the Florida sky, with the tracks wrapped around a central tower in a new kind of thrill ride design called a PolerCoaster. Since the initial announcement in June, several more details on The Skyscraper have been revealed.

Besides overall height, the new ride will set three additional world records — for highest barrel roll, highest dip, and the inclusion of two more-than-vertical drops. That is to say, on the big hills you don’t just go straight down; you go straight down and then some, becoming slightly inverted.

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Each ride will last a little more than four minutes under the current design, with the first 90 seconds dedicated to a slow, scenic climb around the perimeter of the tower. And this is nice: The line for the ride will be housed in a gigantic indoor entertainment facility — with air conditioning.

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