Watch manufacturer Sinn loses its mind with a hybrid mechanical/Apple Watch band

August 30, 2016

As we approach the coming mechanical watch apocalypse strange things will begin happening. Dogs and cats shall live together. Beloved watch brands
shall buy each other
for no good reason. And storied and historical watchmakers will bow to the will of Cupertino.

Behold, then the first horseman: it’s called the
Sinn Dual Strap System
and it consists of two strap halves. On one half you connect a beautiful Sinn chronograph –
being a venerable watch brand famous for its start, two-toned aviator watches – and on the other you connect a handsome Apple Watch. The resulting Frankenstrap’s Monster looks like either a mistake or an accident waiting to happen.


I get it. I really do. Sinn needs to offer its fan base some sort of novelty and this seems as good an idea as the other
janky smartwatch add-ons I’ve seen
. But darn it if this doesn’t look really silly and dangerous.

My primary concern is that one of the watches – presumably the one you wear on the inside of your wrist – will get smacked a few times while wandering the great wide world. The further this whole thing looks wildly goofy and the idea that you would flip watches depending on situation is ludicrous. If you love your Apple Watch so much just wear it. If you love your Sinn, wear that. What flustered watch wearer can’t decided and instead opts for a two-in-one?

Further, the strap costs $120 without a Sinn watch (which costs a further few thousand dollars) or $210 without a Sinn watch. Sinn suggests that this band lets you live in two worlds, much like the passport to luxury afforded the average Joe by a mullet.

I would wear a Sinn. I would wear an Apple Watch. But both, on two stubby straps? I’d rather experience the apocalypse and see Rolex get bought by Fossil.

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