What’s the difference between tech school and university degrees?

September 6, 2011


What’s the difference between tech school and university degrees?

What would be the difference in getting a degree from some tech school as opposed to a university? There has to be some benefit of going to university… the way it seems now when I research it is all propaganda. If all is true that I read about tech schools, why would anybody go to university? Is it just as easy to get a job with a degree from a tech school as a university? ANY information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by drip
Going to a college for four years is going to give you a Bachelors Degree. A tech school isn’t. A Bachelors degree in any major is going to require core classes in all subjects. Employers are going to know a person with a Bachelors degree is going to be well rounded.. A tech school will give you more of a specific training. Having a Bachelors is going to give you more options and opportunities. Many jobs require a Bachelors. Like being a teacher, accountant, which is why most students choice an university.

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