5 great Apple Watch accessories

November 30, 2016


Apple Watch remains the world’s best-selling smartwatch and with the second edition now available it is taking a slice of the fitness tracker market, too. As the holiday shopping season looms, here is a short collection of some great accessories for the device.

The Midas Touch Apple Watch 2


Not exactly an Apple Watch accessory but included out of interest all the same, if you’re looking to really impress someone this season you might want to invest in one of these gold, rose gold, or platimum-coated Apple Watches. You can even choose to shower them in Swarovski-style crystals for that ultra-rich look. GoldGenie also provide a range of incredibly expensive straps. From c.$1,800. (Illustrated above).


Actionproof Apple Watch Case

We know Apple Watch is going to get used in tough situations – in sports, but also in industrial locations, warehouses and beyond. We already see apps appearing to make productive use of the device in situations like that. This is why this shock-absorbing silicone case makes so much sense. Not only does it protect your Apple Watch from bumps and scrapes, but it keeps all its features available to you. (Currently $20 on Amazon).


Zagg InvisibleShield HD

It’s not enough just to keep the body of your Apple Watch protected, you also need to make sure the watch face won’t become damaged. However, how can you protect the watch display without preventing the touch sensitive controls from working? Simple, just tap a Zagg InvisibleShield HD on your smartwatch and you’ll gain military grade protection that still lets you use your Apple Watch. (Currently $10.97 on Amazon).


Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery

Coming soon, this handy little item carries enough power (1050mAh) to recharge your Apple Watch two and a half times, allowing you to leave your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable at home. The ultra-compact item is about the same size as a stack of business cards (says Griffin), which means you can easily stash in a pocket, backpack or briefcase. (Dimensions are: 38.1 mm x 9.5 mm x 114.3 mm. Charge it up using a micro-USB cable. ($69.99 from Griffin Technology).


Nomad Pod Pro for iPhone and Apple Watch

If you’re travelling with an Apple Watch there’s a high probability you’re also using an iPhone, so why not take a stylish battery pack that charges both devices with your for the ride? That’s precisely what the attractive Nomad Pro provides, with its 6,000mAh battery carrying enough energy to charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch twice. It even boasts its own Lightning cable to charge your iPhone, though you’ll need to use your own Apple Watch cable to charge the watch. (From c.$59 on Amazon).



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