Best 3rd Party App Stores for PC

July 7, 2013

The popularity of smartphones and tablets from Google and Apple have of course changed the technology industry, but they’ve also changed the way we acquire software. For example, when you’re browsing for iPhone apps you likely find the apps through the Apple AppStore the majority of the time.

Alternatively, when browsing for Android apps, you likely find the apps through Google Play the majority of the time. These online app marketplaces have provided for us a hub to search for specific apps, but also a place to browse for different programs that we may be interested in.


With PCs, however, there isn’t necessarily an “AppStore” that you can just launch and browse a wide selection of apps, utilities and games. Windows 8 will incorporate a Windows Store that will serve as a similar function; and Mac users have the Mac AppStore to browse for software. However, Windows 8 is still a ways away and the Mac AppStore is… decent. If you want to browse some more “open source” software marketplaces that don’t have as many restrictions, you may want to consider the following options of 3rd party app stores.

a lot

A lot is much like it’s name implies, a lot that offers a very nice browsing interface for some of the web’s best programs and applications. With this website, you can search for some quality software for your PC, but not necessarily traditional software. For example, you won’t find a lot of programs like CCleaner on a lot, but rather, more smartphone like apps for some of your favorite websites and companies.


Aside from being a download hub, a lot also offers an Appbar that allows for additional customization and arrangement for your favorite apps.


Pokki is a cool website for browsing and searching for PC apps and programs. Even the user interface of Pokki is somewhat Microsoft like in design.


Pokki is another app engine that is slightly different from a traditional website that hosts downloads such as Softpedia or Cnet. This website is composed of several, exclusive apps, many of which were created by Pokki developers and community members. On this site, you will find anything from educational apps to finance calculators and utilities.

Pokki can be downloaded and installed onto a PC, which serves as a hub for managing and deploying all of the various apps that the website offers.

Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post. Those are just a few, quality websites that offer their own unique App Stores. Many of the apps from these sites are web enabled applications and other programs with a more specific purpose, similar to many smartphone apps. Enjoy all of the apps that your smartphone or tablet offers? Try these websites for a similar experience on PC.

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