Cutting-Edge VR in Europe at MBBF 2019

November 20, 2019

Part 2 in our blog series about the leading innovators in Europe that showcased their latest tech solutions at last month’s Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum 2019.

Click the link to read part 1 of At the Cutting-Edge of Tech in Europe.


Senseglove blends Cloud VR, 5G, and haptic feedback to create an impressively immersive package – it’s haptic glove provides a unique training platform for engineers in manufacturing, so engineers can train anywhere, anytime. The company’s technology represents a key step on the way to full immersion.


Jamaze develops virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms & other XR (X Reality) technologies for application in industries scenarios, including consulting, planning, and implementation of OR integration solutions for clinics & hospitals.


Archon applies robotics, AI, and cloud to robotize inefficient, repetitive, and dangerous industrial operations. Applications include inspection and maintenance, video surveillance, and 3D mapping and analysis.

ArchonVR provides the building blocks for VR control rooms to simulate, manage, control, and monitor multiple robot infrastructures in a collaborative and scalable VR environment.

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Swiss Society of Virtual and Augmented Reality (SSVAR)

Based in Switzerland, SSVAR aims to bridge the gap between professionals and the public in the fields of VR, AR, & MR.

SSVAR unites experts, researchers, developers, and other key stakeholders to work collaboratively on key issues that will impact the future of the Swiss XR industry.

For more on Huawei’s expertise in this field, click the link to download the Huawei Cloud VR Solution White Paper.

Article Source: HuaWei

Article Source: HuaWei

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