Google Photos adding new features, like turning videos into GIFs

October 5, 2016


Google today announced a few new Google Photos features that are now rolling out across Android, iOS, and the web.

Google Photos will now help you rediscover old memories by surfacing older photos of people that also appear in your more recent photos. It’ll also point out highlights in your most recent photos. For example, if you take lots of photos of a child, Google Photos will highlight some from the past month that it thinks are the best.

The Google Photos AI is also going to help you make more GIFs. Google Photos has always made GIFs from your photos, but now it’ll also make GIFs from your videos by looking for segments that capture an activity. These GIFs can then be easily shared.


Finally, Google Photos will search for sideways images and give you a card that’ll highlight all of them. You can then simply tap on the photo to make them right side up.

These are some nice updates to Google Photos. The rotation of sideways images is nice because not only does it mean that you won’t end up scrolling through your photos and then randomly stumble on a sideways image, but it also saves you time by just letting you tap to rotate a photo rather than diving into a photo editing interface. Then there’s the video-to-GIF feature that takes the work out of creating custom GIFs, which are pretty popular right now.

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