Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Splatoon 2

May 3, 2017

Splatoon 2 was one of the pillars for the Switch when Nintendo announced the hybrid console, and by the end of this week it’ll finally be out. So if you want to get your Splat on, here’s where you can find the cheapest copies in Australia.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

Fairly standard, as far as JB and Switch games go.

Mighty Ape: $75

If you have stock issues and don’t want to buy digitally, this works.

The Gamesmen: $68

Nice competitive offering from The Gamesmen, this.

Ozgameshop: $64.99

Decent enough price, but it’ll cost you an extra $5 if you want to get the game in 5-6 working days minimum.

Amazon: $76.64

Basically the same price if you want the cartridge, but I think most would opt for the code from Amazon. Advantage here is in being able to get the code as soon as the game drops, but you might as well pre-order from the eShop.

Nintendo eShop: $79.95

What you’d expect.

EB Games: $79.95

No surprise here.

Play-Asia: $79.52

Not worth it compared to the eShop price.

Target: $64

This price comes courtesy of Vooks.

Big W: $64

Update: Big W will come in at $64 on launch, mirroring Target.

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