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February 14, 2014

Raspberries v. Blackberries
Image by joannapoe
So similar and yet so different. I wish I had more blackberry vines instead of the raspberries. We’re gonna have to take a chainsaw to the raspberry pile.

BlackBerry's Market Share Falls Below 'Others'

BlackBerry's tumble meant it ended last year with just 0.6 percent of the market, even less than the 0.7 percent attributed to operating systems so inconsequential that IDC lumps them together in a collective category. While hardly triumphant, Windows …

BlackBerry Ltd updates BBM for iOS and Android with BBM Channels and BBM

BlackBerry Ltd. is rolling out a new update to its BlackBerry Messenger software for iPhone and Android users that will bring key new features, including BBM Channels, to its popular messaging application. The new update comes four months after …

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