Of course you can use Alexa to shop for Amazon Prime products now

August 29, 2016

Now you can talk into your friendly little home AI tower to order toilet paper. And deodorant and batteries. And tens of millions of other Amazon Prime qualified products, because no one does synergy quite like the good people at Amazon.

The retail-super-mega-giant, which had previously enabled reordering through Alexa, is now adding search/shopping to its AI voice assistant. Users with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or Fire TV can shop for new products by saying, say, “Alexa, order a Frisbee,” at which point the program will suggest a relevant Prime product and price. Likely some manner of flying disc.

Say “yes,” and, well, you’ve probably ordered a product on Amazon at some point, so you know how the rest of this deal goes. The search includes tens of millions of products by Amazon’s count (with more being added every day), all of which qualify for free returns. Because that’s the beauty of a Frisbee – you can always send it back.

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