T-Mobile’s latest Un-carrier move: Free Netflix with T-Mobile One family plans

September 20, 2017

It’s hard to believe that T-Mobile has been promoting its Un-carrier initiative since 2013, but here we are four years later and T-Mobile is still going strong with yet another Un-carrier move to add to its already lengthy list of perks for current and future T-Mobile customers.

The last Un-carrier move happened during CES in January, where charismatic CEO John Legere introduced Un-carrier 13.0 in which several “new rules” were introduced to T-Mobile’s plans, including all inclusive taxes and fees, “Kickback” for people who used less than 2GB of data, and simplification of current plans.

Today, Legere took to livestream to (very briefly) announce its next major Un-carrier move: free Netflix for T-Mobile One family plans (2 or more lines). 55+, two lines for $100, and Simple Choice plans do not qualify for this offer.

Although paying for Netflix is not exactly a carrier “pain point”, which is what Un-carrier was initially about, it’s still a pretty big move that can save around $120 every year for T-Mobile One family users.

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