4 Career Tips That Will Have You Climbing The Tech World

November 2, 2020
It can be tough to get ahead in a competitive workplace, especially in this fast-paced world of technology. While a work good ethic is certainly a huge part of your success, you will find that there are a few other things that can help you stand out to both your boss, as well as your coworkers. With these five tips, you’ll be breaking that glass ceiling in no time.

Learn to Code

Learning computer language can really open doors. With so many companies rooted in tech development, you would be doing yourself a service to get familiar with the language. This additional skill can not only expand your horizons but also allow you to better grasp your environment. Don’t think small. We all have requirements within our job but it takes true ambition to go above and beyond the job description. It’s taking on additional tasks that really gets you noticed. This is a way to truly grow and progress in your company. It’s all about being proactive and not simply reactive.

Work on Your Brag Sheet

While it’s great to be modest, there’s no harm in amping up your brag sheet a little. Take pride in your accomplishments and let people know about them. There’s a fine line between showing off and self-promotion, the latter is always is pretty valuable and can be extremely important in getting ahead and getting noticed. It’s also a good exercise that will teach you about self-appreciation.


Expand Your Resumé

If you’ve been told to condense your work experience into one page, then you’ve been told wrong. According to a survey conducted by ResuméGo, “recruiters are 2.9 times as likely to prefer two-page resumés” when sifting through job applications, especially when it comes to managerial jobs. It’s important to detail your experience. Don’t go over two pages though. You don’t want to turn your resume into a memoir!

Form Work Confidantes

Having close work colleagues who can really tell you like it is and be your source of motivation is super important. You’re not an island and having solid work buddies is a way to not only create a good social dynamic but also a helpful way to get through the tougher days.

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