60% of Current Apple Watch users will buy Apple Watch 2

August 30, 2016


Yesterday, we wrote that a thinner Apple Watch (20-40% thinner than the current Apple Watch.) could be unveiled during this year WWDC in June. Besides a thinner design, is expected the Apple Watch 2 to come with a FaceTime camera, long lasting battery, and to work as a stand alone device.

If all this is true, that means the Apple Watch 2 would be able to make and take phone calls from your wrist, and receive notifications and more without having to be paired to an iPhone.

Currently 60% of the users of Apple Watch plan to buy the next generation, no matter when it will hit the market, says a new study of the marketing company Fluent.

8% of the 2578 people who take part in the survey said they have Apple Watch. Approximately the same number of people has smartwatch from another manufacturer.

It turns out that those who have a smart watch, and those without, said that the main reason that stops them buying is the price. We remind you that after a $50 price cut announced last month, the cheapest model is now $299.

It is expected that the new generation Apple Watch to hit the market this year.

Thinner Apple Watch 2 Predicted to Debut at WWDC in June

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