A real Pokemon game on iOS is not out of the question

December 3, 2014

Despite Nintendo’s awkward stance on apps — essentially claiming they won’t support smartphones and tablets, then slowly warming up to the idea — the company’s independently operated Pokemon brand has been much more accepting of smart device trend. The latest example of this more open attitude comes from Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda who, in an interview with The Telegraph, noted that a real Pokemon game on iOS is not entirely out of the question.

“If it were to reach a stage where I would be happy to hand my iPhone to a five year-old and know that, actually, that device and everything about it is safe and secure and I can trust the device in the hands of a five year-old, then it would become in the realms of possibility,” Masuda-san noted, hedging his position on overall player safety, which has long been one of Nintendo’s own sticking points.

So far, the Pokemon brand has appeared in several apps including the official Pokedex app, the Pokemon Channel dedicated streaming app, and the Pokemon Trading Card Game, all of which have been quite well received. Of course, they’d be no match for a proper Pokemon title, which we all know would sell like hotcakes.

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