AI Is Helping Pacers Fans Get Their Beer, Nachos Quicker

October 4, 2016


Arenas are increasingly becoming high-tech affairs, from super-fast Wi-Fi to the massive displays that keep fans apprised of the action. But as Bloomberg reports, the Indiana Pacers and a startup called WaitTime are teaming up to battle a major gametime inconvenience: long lines at the concession stands.

WaitTime uses cameras and artificial intelligence to steer fans to the shortest concession stand lines, so they can quickly buy their food and beverages and get back to the game. “WaitTime gives stadium operations access to information on crowd movement, line length and line attrition, allowing them to proactively respond to the needs of fans where they are,” the company says on its website.

The Pacers will pay $150,000 to install WaitTime equipment, plus a $9,000 monthly fee, at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Bloomberg says. Officials there can then keep tabs on lines and rearrange resources as needed.

Not surprisingly, WaitTime’s boards include ad slots, the cost of which the Pacers believe could offset the cost of the WaitTime boards, the team tells Bloomberg.

The new technology launched at the Pacers’ preseason game with the Chicago Bulls last week. It’s already used by Detroit’s Pistons, Red Wings, and Lions basketball, hockey, and football teams, respectively.

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