Are you still playing Pokémon GO? NINTENDO

October 23, 2016


Niantic Labs launched Pokemon GO way back in July, and it was immediately apparent that the developer had something special on its hands. The Augmented Reality-based game wrapped up a lot of the magic Pokemon players had grown to love over the years, and made catching the digital pocket monsters even more exciting by adding some important elements.

Hype is important when it comes to anything that relates to consumers, and sometimes it attaches itself to a product faster than others. Some products are instantly successful, and stay that way for a long time. Some fly too close to the sun thanks to that hype, and fizzle out almost as quickly as they appeared in the first place. And sometimes there are cult classics, which don’t get any real attention until well after the fact.

In the case of Pokemon GO, the expectation was that it would fizzle out pretty quickly, especially as people caught all of the pocket monsters available to them, or simply ran out of steam to wander around and capture them at all. Pokemon GO was a giant when it launched, so people anticipating it would fall wasn’t all that surprising.

Yesterday I saw a picture that declared Pokemon GO was dead. “RIP Pokemon GO 2016 – 2016.” So my curiosity spiked.

The comments on that picture were all over the place. Some people were apparently happy that the game wasn’t taking up 95 percent of the news cycle. Or they were just excited by the fact it was dead? I couldn’t really tell. Either way, they applauded the declaration of death.

Others, though, weren’t so convinced that the game was as dead as the post suggested. In fact, many replies pointed out that, despite the hype not being as deafening as it once was, they were still playing it. Many pointed out that they were still playing it every day. Others declared that they were still playing it, and were waiting for the Apple Watch version to show up.

Obviously there are going to be people still playing this game, whether or not we’re judging it based entirely on its coverage in the media. The title is still getting new features, and Niantic Labs doesn’t have any plans to abandon the title by any means. So there’s still stuff to do, which means people will keep coming back. There’s even an upcoming Halloween-themed in-game event kicking off soon.

But, I wanted to find out how many of you are still playing it. Do you believe Pokemon GO is effectively dead, now that the hype has died, or at least quieted down? Or is the game still going strong in your circle of friends and acquaintances? Do you still play it every day? Or have you abandoned the pocket monster capturing game for something else? Let me know!

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