Asus Republic of Gamers GT51CA

August 30, 2016


Specialized in high-quality gaming hardware division Republic of Gamers of Asus announced the advent of GT51CA – powerful gaming desktop configuration with Intel Core i7 processor with the option to be overclock to 4.6GHz and other specific features that fans of PC gaming will immediately appreciate.


Turbo Gear overclocking function allows the CPU to jump to 4.6GHz without even having to reboot the machine. SLI configuration GT51CA supports simultaneous use of two video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X for maximum smooth game-play at 4K resolution and a stable 60 frames per second. The configuration is complemented by the option of two SSD with 512GB and DDR4 2133MHz RAM.


Considering the power hidden under the hood of GT51CA, it is necessary that cooling is at the highest level and that is exactly thanks to a special system for heat distribution that reduces the temperature by up to 31%, even after long gaming sessions.


Appearance GT51CA features an aggressive design that suits gamer purpose and impresses with its dynamic configuration of 8-million-color LED effects that illuminate the entire chassis. The attractive design of the model already brought him the 2016 iF Design Award during this year’s exhibition CES.


There are also extras such as an amplifier for outstanding sound quality and connectivity with portable gadget ROG BAND, which gives users access to Shadow Drive – secure storage space for important personal information.

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