Bing Chat on the Web Now Supports Voice Input

June 9, 2023

Bing Chat has changed the way we interact with Bing, and has given us a new way to think about search engines. Now, it’s getting a long-requested addition: you can interact with it using your voice.

Right now, you need to type out prompts or queries in order to have Bing Chat reply something to you. This is in contrast with voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant which can be interacted mostly with your voice, making them very convenient. Now, though, Bing Chat is getting voice support on desktop platforms. The mobile Bing app already had voice input.

Now, desktop users can partake in the convenience of voice input simply by clicking on the microphone icon within the Bing Chat box. Right now, the language model supports English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin voice input, and more languages are expected to follow suit sooner than later.

It doesn’t stop there, though. In addition to giving you the ability to speak your prompts out loud rather than typing them, Bing Chat is also introducing text-to-speech answers, so not only you can speak with it — you can also have it read answers to you. You can now receive responses not only in text format, but also in Bing Chat’s distinct voice.

These updates are now rolling out niw, so you can expect to see them within the next few months.

Source: Microsoft

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