Contact Posters Are Coming to Your iPhone

June 6, 2023

Apple’s WWDC 2023 conference gave us new hardware such as the new 15-inch MacBook Air and the Apple Vision Pro headset, but it was first and foremost a software event. The company unveiled iOS 17 as well as one of its biggest changes: Contact Posters.

What if you could take the extreme customization that’s currently available on lock screens since iOS 16, and apply it to contact pages too? This is the concept that drives Contact Posters, one of the headlining features of iOS 17. With Contact Posters, you’ll be able to make an ultra-customized contact page that your contacts will see when they see your contact page or call you.

You can choose a photo, add effects to that photo, choose your own font, perhaps set a Memoji instead of a font… The possibilities are truly endless.

Contact Posters will wildly change the way calls and contacts look right now, and Apple says they should also be compatible with third-party calling apps as well, so even if you don’t dig the default experience, you should still be well-served by the latest features in iOS 17.

This will land on everyone’s phone whenever the final version of iOS 17 rolls out, which should happen in a few months.

Source: Apple

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