Dallas County Among the First to Buy Tesla Model 3 EVs for Police Cruisers

April 29, 2022

One recent example is Dallas County, Texas. Just last week, the Dallas County Commissioners Court authorized the purchase of three Tesla Model 3 EVs for law enforcement use.

According to a briefing given to the County Commissioners, this recommendation comes “as a result of the ongoing semiconductor microchip and supply chain issues,” and that “the length of time to determine if vehicles meet the replacement criteria guidelines could potentially result in ordering banks from the manufacturers to be closed.”

According to an NBC report, the three vehicles will cost $63,440 each, for a grand total of $190,320. However, these cars will only be used as reserve units by the county’s Automotive Service Center.

Police departments will use these vehicles when officers’ patrol cars are out of service for repair or other scheduled maintenance.

Dallas County isn’t the only one using Teslas for police enforcement. Many police departments worldwide have started to switch to electric cars because of the multiple benefits they provide. Another recent example is the New York Police Department, which also bought a Tesla Model 3 and has been using it as a police vehicle.

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2022 Tesla Model 3 Credit: canadianPhotographer56 / Shutterstock

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