Facebook's Tor Site with 1 Million Users in a Month

August 30, 2016


Significantly increased the number of users who prefer to be more anonymous in the largest social network in the world. At present, according to the company itself, on Facebook each month one million people using the secure browser Tor. This is an increase of almost 100 percent over the last ten months.

In June 2015 about 525,000 people take advantage of Tor, to access Facebook by using Tor Browser, but in April this year for the first time the number has exceeded one million. Surely for this contributed the recent release from Facebook to support Tor on Android devices through the application Orbot.

Facebook for Android now Supports Secure Service Tor

“People who choose to communicate over Tor do so for a variety of reasons related to privacy, security and safety. As we’ve written previously it’s important to us to provide methods for people to use our services securely – particularly if they lack reliable methods to do so.” Said Alec Muffett a Software Engineer for Security Infrastructure at Facebook in London.

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