Ford brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to all 2017 models

August 7, 2016


Automakers are slowly rolling out additional smartphone connectivity to their vehicles, but no automaker has made moves to offer Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto systems across an entire lineup. That changes today, as Ford has announced that Sync 3 will be available across its entire complement of light and heavy-duty vehicles for the 2017 model year.

Ford won’t have the highest number of vehicles available with this technology — GM will still hold that crown — but it will be the only automaker to add these features to its entire lineup within a single year. This will extend to all 2017 Ford and Lincoln vehicles, some 22 models.

Sync 3 replaces the oft-maligned MyFord Touch, an infotainment system that had a hard time laying out its dense complement of features in a sensible, straightforward way. Sync 3 takes a much simpler approach, laying itself out in a method similar to Chrysler’s Uconnect system. It’s not standard equipment on each 2017 model, but it will be available for them all.

At the moment, only a few models are available as 2017s, like the Mustang and Fusion. Other models, like the Focus, Edge and F-150, won’t be coming out until later in the year. Nevertheless, once every Ford and Lincoln has a 2017 counterpart, it’ll be leading the charge for smartphone-connectivity adoption.


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