Free VPN is Now built into Opera Browser Download Here

August 30, 2016


Virtual private network (VPN) are popular with privacy, but often they are paid. Now Opera web browser get free and unlimited VPN. “Now, you don’t have to download VPN extensions or pay for VPN subscriptions to access blocked websites and to shield your browsing when on public Wi-Fi.” the company said in a blog post.

Internet traffic using a VPN pass through servers in different countries, making it more difficult to track by governments and hackers. Opera statistics from Global Web Index, which claimed that more than half a billion users have tried or are currently using virtual private networks.

The first major browser maker to integrate an unlimited and free VPN or virtual private network

To use the new service of Opera, just need to DOWNLOAD the version for developers and activate the VPN function in the menu preferences.

This is an interesting move by Opera and obvious attempt to attract more tech-savvy users. The company already embedded software to block ads directly in the version for developers of browser.

Enhanced privacy online with Opera’s free VPN

According to Global Web Index, more than half a billion people (24% of the world’s internet population) have tried or are currently using VPN services. According to the research, the primary reasons for people to use a VPN are:

– To access better entertainment content (38%)
– To keep anonymity while browsing (30%)
– To access restricted networks and sites in my country (28%)
– To access restricted sites at work (27%)
– To communicate with friends/family abroad (24%)
– To access restricted news websites in my country (22%)

According to the research, young people are leading the way when it comes to VPN usage, with almost one third of people between 16-34 having used a VPN.

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