Fully modular desk is every computer geek’s dream come true

October 14, 2017

Matej Grozdanovic had a dream. His dream was to build the best computer desk in the world. Even better, he wanted to build a desk that can be used in every scenario — small rooms, big rooms, cramped rooms. One that will fit even if you move to a new office.

Three years later, the dream is alive, in the form of a Kickstarter campaign for Modulos, the “world’s first” modular desk.

Modulos is a desk that can be as big or as small as you like. It consists of 13.8×13.8-inch modules, precision-crafted from fine, durable oak, which can be connected to each other to form a custom-sized desk.

A basic module is just a rectangular, flat surface. But you can also get a rounded module; or a module with cabling holes, a tablet dock (including a rotating dock), a module with a built-in USB hub or a wireless charger.

The possibilities are endless, and Modulos claims there will be other modules down the line; such as a module that can carry a desktop computer case or a module that can be raised to a certain height above the desk.

I visited Modulos in their Zagreb office to check out the project in person, and came out with a sudden desire to purchase a modular desk — something I’ve never thought of before. I cannot say the startup’s claims of being “world first” are true, but I definitely couldn’t find similar projects online — especially not any of this quality.

When it comes to furniture, quality is important, and from what I’ve heard from Grozdanovic, a designer from Croatia who founded the project, they’ve gone overboard with quality control. The modules are designed with an industrial-grade 3D scanner and created with a CNC machine. Every module is then inspected by a master carpenter, and the customer will actually get a photograph of the final module before it’s shipped. And the quality of the Croatian oak, used for the table’s modules, is known in the region as second to none.

The Modulos desk is easy to assemble (“easier than IKEA,” Grozdanovic tells me), and once that’s done, it really feels sturdy. But you can get a sturdy desk elsewhere; it’s the modularity that makes this project interesting. I immediately envisioned modules that can neatly hold all my gadgets which are currently hideously scattered all around my cramped desk.

“I just wanted a desk that’s perfect in every situation,” Matej told me. “I couldn’t find it, so I created one for myself. And then I’ve gotten the idea to turn it into a business.”

The smallest possible Modulos desk you can get is a single module with four short legs —essentially a nightstand or a coffee table — and it will set you back $199 at Kickstarter prices. For $525 (early bird discount included), you can get 4 modules and 4 long legs, and for $985, you’ll receive 8 modules and four legs.

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