Future Healthcare Technologies For 2021

November 15, 2021
In the past, the presence of AI hasn’t been that evolved to the point where we only have smart devices and automated medical equipment. We’re currently heading towards that direction now in the current and next decade with the emergence of quantum computing and algorithms. We’re living in a time where new medicines are sprouting from every corner in the world and with new medicines, comes technology to create those substances. Let’s explore the many ways where healthcare technologies are heading and how it’s impacting the world of medicine.

3D Printing

3D Printing has been around for a while and you can even purchase your own 3D printer and make your own models. What’s great with 3D printing in the medical industry is that, surgeons can print out specific organ shapes and various surgical tools so they can test them out before purchasing them. Also, 3D printing prosthetic limbs and even organs for transplanting is in the works.

Extended Reality

Extended reality is the combination of Virtual and Augmented reality. This kind of device isn’t just for playing video games in 3D, but it’s also used for patient mental care and treatment. VR has been proven to help patients with eyesight issues, cancer, and even depression. It’s also a great way for medical health professionals to better understand their patient’s needs so they can aid them in the best way possible.

Tech That You Can Wear

You probably own a smart device that you can wear already, and that is a smartwatch. Many people use wearable tech to track their blood pressure, their heartbeat and even how many steps they’ve made on a day to day basis. Wearable devices also include ECG monitors that can send data to your doctors about your health condition. This chunk of tech is so crucial because it can save lives and help someone if they’re in a serious state of emergency. Not only is wearable tech functional, but some of the designs can be super cool and fashionable so you can wear them daily without it standing out too much.

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