Garmin Vívomove is a New Fitness Tracking Watch

August 30, 2016


Vívomove is a new smartwatch, which is built to track your fitness activities. It does not differ visually from any other analog clock, except that on the dial has two scales, which show two types of information.

The scale on the left will show you through the bars when you approached your final destination, while the scale on the right will show the intensity with which you exercise.

Vívomove comes with two choices of white and black face, but with six different color combinations (shown in the picture below).


Depending on your preferences, you have to pay between $150 and $300, plus extra $30 to $60 for additional straps. Vívomove is waterproof and can withstand water from the shower or swimming pool.

Tells Time and “Time to Move”
In addition to time, your step progress is tracked throughout the day and can be seen on the watch face. The red move bar builds with every 15 minutes of inactivity until you reset it by walking for a couple of minutes. You can also view how many steps you’ve taken that day to get an idea of how close you are to reaching your goal.


Physical dimensions 42 mm diameter x 12 mm thick (20 mm wide watch bands)
Weight Sport: 51.0 g (1.8 oz); Classic: 48.0 g (1.7 oz); Premium: 67.0 g (2.4 oz)
Battery Replaceable CR2025 coin cell
Battery life Up to 1 year
Water rating 5 ATM

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