Google New Search Console Beta Version Lived For Everyone

January 24, 2018
google search console

Finally, Yesterday the new Google Search Console beta became live for everyone. Few received notification email for the same and many of us did not get the email notifications. See the screenshot of the email below –

search console email

As we were observing and so much chatter around the news sites and social channels a couple weeks ago , that Google is rolling out Google Search Console beta but now it is out for all.

Check the URL and click on the top right where it says “search properties” and you should see all your verified sites there. Everyone can see the same.

If you want to go to the other version, you will get the link bottom left of the interface for older version. Google is planning to add more features on the current interface to improve this new version in next weeks and months.

Google search console beta was first came with in only 8 days into the new year but as it was on the testing phase. It is more better as came with over a years of data – heck, Google announced yesterday the Search Performance report, which is similar to the Search Analytics report, has up to 16 months worth of data!
See the screen shot of the reports :

search console report

Most recently Google added :
(1) The ability to export your data from the Index Coverage report.
(2) The ability to mark items as fixed and request Google to validate that fix immediately, which you were able to do in the AMP reports but now is more widely available in the new beta

The new design is not a surprise, Google has been hinting at it for a year or so. The new design looks a lot like the new mobile friendly testing tool that came out several months ago.

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