Google Photos Magic Editor Will Fix Your Pictures With AI

May 10, 2023
Sundar Pichai announcing Magic Editor in Google Photos at Google IO 2023

Google Photos has, for a long time, allowed for editing photos, often in magic ways thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As Google pivots into the next natural step, generative AI, Google Photos is one of the tools that will get supercharged as a result.

At Google I/O 2023, the company announced that Google Photos would be getting a new “experimental editing experience” called the Magic Editor, which will allow you to make complex edits to photos without any editing experience needed.

Some of the things it’s capable of are things that Google was already doing well, but will be doing even better with generative AI. For example, it can remove elements from photos, like photobombers in the background. This could already be done using Magic Eraser, but now, instead of just using the same AI/ML party tricks Google has been using for a long time, a generative AI, Stable Diffusion-style, will fill in the blanks.

It also allows you for other cool edits. It can remove things from yourself, and you can reposition elements and subjects, such as a person, around in the photo. This generative AI will do its best to complete the image just the way you want.

Google says it hopes to roll this out to select Pixel users “later this year.”

Source: Google

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