Here’s how much you’d have to pay to buy an iPhone 7 in India

September 18, 2016


People in India can finally stop annoying retailers with price queries about the latest iPhones. Apple today shared the local pricing for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as well as the new pricing for older iPhones.

Apple updated its Indian website to reflect the pricing. The iPhone 7 32GB base variant is priced at Rs 60,000 ($902), the 128GB variant at Rs 70,000 ($1,045) and the top-end 256GB iPhone 7 at Rs 80,000 ($1,195).

The iPhone 7 Plus, similarly would start at Rs 72,000 ($1,075) for the 32GB base model, while the mid-end 128GB variant is priced at Rs 82,000 ($1,225) and you would probably have to break the bank at Rs 92,000 ($1,375) for its top-end 256GB model. All the new iPhones will go on sale in India on Oct. 7.


Apple is also discontinuing sales of the 16GB storage variant of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It has introduced 32GB variants for both of the last year’s iPhones. The 32GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus versions are available at Rs 50,000 ($747) and Rs 60,000 ($902) respectively while the 128GB versions would cost Rs 60,000 and Rs 70,000 ($1,045). To offer some context, the iPhone 6s 16GB was launched in India with a price point north of Rs 60,000. Apple has also slashed the price of the iPhone SE 64GB, which was launched at Rs 49,000 ($732) to Rs 44,000 ($658). The price of the iPhone SE 16GB remains unchanged

India remains one of the most expensive places to purchase an iPhone. In comparison of the north of  $900 people in India will be paying for the base iPhone 7, folks in the United States are able to purchase the same variant for $649. Unlike the US market, carriers in India don’t sell the iPhones under contract scheme.

The main reason for the price difference is the heavy import duties that the Indian government imposes on smartphones in a bid to increase local manufacturing. Apple has hinted signs that it wants to make iPhones more affordable for Indians. The company expressed desired to sell refurbished iPhones, but the Indian government rejected the proposal.

Apple, however, hopes to increase awareness about its products in India by setting up its retail stores. Earlier this year,  Tim Cook announced plans to set up a software development center as well as open an accelerator for app developers in India.

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