Honor’s New Wireless Earbuds Will Tell You if You Have a Fever

March 1, 2022
Honor EarBuds Pro 3

Honor has just announced a really exciting pair of true wireless earbuds called the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro. They feature temperature monitoring, so you can quickly and easily see if you’re running a fever. Plus, they come with some great other features.

“In an industry first, the innovative temperature measuring capability of the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro creates new possibilities for users to closely monitor their health,” said Honor in a press release.

You can have the earbuds monitor your temperature all the time so they can alert you whenever your body temperature gets too high. You can also tap on the earbuds three times to turn on temperature monitoring if you want to check when you feel a little off.

As these are a high-end set of earbuds with a €199 price tag, they come with Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling that’ll keep the sounds from the outside world out of your ears. They’re also lightweight while still promising good sound quality thanks to 11mm drivers and a PZT tweeter.

While the company did announce the price, it didn’t say when the new earbuds would be available for sale. Instead, it just said that “availability will be announced at a later date.” We’ll have to be patient, but these are definitely an exciting bit of tech worth keeping on your radar.

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