Kanye comes for Apple, demands Tim Cook cut Tidal deal with Jay Z

August 2, 2016


Yes, it’s that time again: Kanye West is using Twitter to talk to tech moguls and, like before, he’s pretty amped. But this time, he’s taking aim at the real king of tech: Tim Cook.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, Kanye goes in on the heated competition between Apple Music and Tidal. The two companies have recently been the subject of rumors, with some reports hinting that Apple may be interested in acquiring Jay Z’s streaming music site.

“This Tidal Apple beef is fucking up the music game,” wrote Kanye, in the first entry of his tweetstorm. “I need Tim Cook Jay Z Dez Jimmy Larry me and Drake Scooter on the phone or in a room this week!!!”

But unlike previous public calls for the tech elite to meet with him (or his friend and business partner Jay Z) for business talks, this time Kanye seems a bit more humble in his approach.

“Fuck all this dick swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music,” he wrote. It’s not clear if this tweetstorm represents some inside knowledge Kanye has about the reported negotiations, or if he’s just weighing in as an observer. Either way, considering the fact that Apple has already proven that it listens when artists like Taylor Swift speak up about Apple Music, Cook is probably already parsing Kanye’s call for an end to the streaming music wars.

However, in true Kanye fashion, the rapper can’t even call for a truce without taking at least a tiny shot — in this case, one directed at Apple:

“Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve.”

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