Latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) Released

August 30, 2016


Microsoft announced their latest report Security Intelligence Report, which covers the second half of 2015, and its results give cause for some concern.

According to the company 20.8% of all PCs running on Windows, have been subject to some form of software attack. For the first time the report includes such techniques as attempts at unauthorized access to cloud services like Office 365, for example.

Microsoft software detects suspicious login attempts in the accounts based on their origin and length of time for identification, according to company daily reported millions of such attempts.

In the second half of 2015 experienced a increase of 9.4% of vulnerabilities compared to the first six months of the year. The most common exploit kit is Axpergle, and the common goal is CVE-2010-2568, which is a vulnerability in Windows Shell.

Microsoft says that one of the most popular phishing methods is pretending to be an online service, like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, or Google.

“Impressions for online services was higher than any other,” Tim Rains, Microsoft’s ‎chief security adviser for worldwide cybersecurity and data protection, told ZDNet. “We had more people trying to get to phishing sites for online services, and there are more sites dedicated to that.

“If you think about it, there are thousands of financial institutions around the world, so if you’re going to phish financial institutions, you need to have lots of sites, but there’s only one Facebook, there’s only one eBay, so what we see with those is a low number of sites, but with a high number of impressions,” Rains continued.

Finally, Microsoft reported that computers which are part of a centrally managed system become less a victim of malware – in 10% of cases, compared to 22% of the computers that do not belong to a network. You can read the full report from Microsoft here.

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