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July 15, 2012

Windows news
Image by FatBusinessman
On the news this morning, a discussion on the release of Windows Vista. Anything seem funny about that screenshot in the background?

What's blocking my file downloads in Windows 8?

Windows news
If you think you might have made a mess of IE10's settings in Windows 8, you can always re-set them to the defaults by following Microsoft's instructions. (Readers with older versions of Windows can do this by clicking a single Fixit button (Microsoft …

My PC Screen
Windows news
Image by michaelb87
Dont know what this is doing here ?

Windows 8: 5 touch gestures needed for better tablet operation

Windows news
Overall, the Windows 8 touch interface is pretty well done albeit a little quirky. It takes time to get used to swiping from the four edges of the screen to do different things, and it doesn't help that they are very different things at that. Using …

Windows news
Image by orzalaga
jejejeje internacionalmente…

Periodico El Tiempo
Windows news
Image by orzalaga
Por fin se hace publico…

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