LG G6 screen to be called “Full Vision”, almost no bezels

January 3, 2017

In typical LG fashion, the South Korean electronics giant is teasing the public bit by bit about its next flagship smartphone. All while still not naming it the “LG G6”. So far it has all but confirmed the smartphone’s unorthodox screen ratio as well as improved thermal management. Now it is dropping another hint by calling the phone’s screen “Full Vision”. This refers to the fact, or at least the claim, that the LG G6’s front will be almost all screen.

LG has already talked about its “next innovation” in smartphone screens just recently. Twice, in fact. First, it boasted of how LG Display was able to produce an 18:9 panel, which practically means the screen’s length/height will be exactly twice its width. Then it more or less formally admitted that the said screen will be on its next flagship, which, for the sake of convenience, we’ll refer to as the LG G6.

Now LG as supposedly given that screen a nickname: Full Vision. Smartphone companies today seem to be in a race to finally banish all bezels, a goal that has been on the list for years now. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix seems to have spurred OEMs to action once more, and both LG and Samsung are expected to have near bezel-less smartphones this year.

The real challenge, and the achievement that LG wants to boast about, is increasing that screen real estate without actually increasing the screen size, much less the phone size. The LG G6 is claimed to have no size increase compared to its predecessor but still end up with a larger screen size, complete with “QHD+” 2880×1440 resolution and 18:9 (2:1) aspect ratio.

Other expected features of the LG G6 is its increased water resistance, which may be at the expense of a removable battery. All will be revealed on the 26th at MWC 2017, when LG makes public its attempt to wrest the crown from long time rival Samsung.

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