Microsoft Is Deleting Internet Explorer From Your PC Today

February 14, 2023

An Internet Explorer logo and a Microsoft Edge logo

It’s been a long time since Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge. Windows 11 made it official by removing the ancient browser completely, but it was still being kept around on Windows 10… until now.

Today, February 14th, 2023, is the day when Microsoft will roll out an update to Microsoft Edge that will permanently disable the old Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10 for good. Once the update rolls out to your machine, you will not be able to open the Internet Explorer desktop app anymore.

Visual references to the browser, including icons within the system, are scheduled to be removed by a Windows security update scheduled to be rolled out on June 13th. Still, while you might see Internet Explorer icons scattered within your computer for a few more months, you won’t be able to open it after the update rolling out now.

If you need to use Internet Explorer for whatever reason (like, for example, an older website that won’t load properly on a modern browser), Microsoft Edge has an IE mode that uses the older engine and lets you browse older websites.

Internet Explorer has been dead for a long time, ever since Microsoft first released Edge in 2015, so this doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Unless you have an older, unsupported version of Windows, like Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you could say this is finally the end of the road for Internet Explorer. It won’t be missed, though.

Source: Microsoft

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