Microsoft Teams is Getting Old-School Windows Games

November 18, 2022

A logo of Microsoft Teams on a dual-tone background.

As good as the latest releases of Windows are, the old ones have a charm to them that new versions just can’t quite match. A big part of it is its old games — Minesweeper, Solitaire, you name them. Now, you can play them all over again, thanks to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is adding a brand new feature called Games for Work, which not only brings back the old Windows games you love, but lets you connect with your co-workers with them thanks to multi-player modalities. They let you play with as little as two people or with as many as 250 people, meaning everyone from small teams to big corporations can drift off and have a nice, semi-nostalgic game night.

Among the games you can check out, you have Minesweeper, Solitaire, IceBreakers, and Wordament. Microsoft says that each game emphazises “a different element of team building,” so while the selection of games might not be huge at the moment, at least one of them might be a perfect fit for any kind of workplace.

Being multiplayer games, they might not work the exact same as the old-school Windows games you used to play back when you had Windows XP or Windows Vista/7, but they’re still nice options, nonetheless. Game nights are common in a lot of workplaces to bring co-workers closer, and this solution by Microsoft just builds them right into a Microsoft Teams workplace.

If you don’t see the games, make sure to throw the suggestion in your workplace and, hopefully, you’re able to peer-pressure your IT admin into turning them on.

Source: Microsoft

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