Midi Synthesizer That Makes Music Using Plants

September 26, 2022
When you think of synthesizers usually you’ll think about electronic keyboards, midi keyboards, or even a sampler. Electronic musicians and artists use synthesizers to create virtually any sound using samples or even pre-recorded loops. The beats are meant to imitate the sounds of musical instruments and to create their own distinct melodies. With today’s technology, we have DJs such as Mezerg playing music on fruits even watermelons, or kiwis with the help of synthesizers. What you may not know though, is now you can connect your plants to a MIDI synthesizer.
Ever wished you could hear the sounds from your Monstera or even your mint plant? If you’re a plant lover who also loves creating music then this MIDI Synthesizer from Plantwave will help make you sample some beats.

How Does It Work?

First you’ll need an IOS device and any plant of your choosing. As long as it has leaves that are long enough for the probes, it should be fine. Next, you’ll need your Apple device that can basically convert the plant’s natural melodies into fluctuations that can be read by notes. You can also come up with not only music but visuals to match your plant’s aura.

What Purpose Does it Serve?

Since the wave frequencies of the plant can be edited, you can even tune the pitch to 432 Hz which can promote even calmer and relaxation. The music has ambient tones and you can use the plant music to relax, connect to nature more, and even feel more grounded and present in the moment. Some people use it for meditation practices or even in their home studios to sample in their mixes. Shutterstock There are a plethora of things you can do with the plant wave synthesizer even if you’re a music rookie or a budding plant person. What’s even more amazing is that the music is different for each plant. A fresh mint plant can have more sparseness in its tone than say a lavender or basil plant. Another great factor is that the sounds of the plants change depending on the day. One day, some plants can stick to two notes while other days, they can orchestrate a symphony.


Goodbye Equipment

New technologies in music can help us understand and connect to our plants more and give more meaning to their presence. With the ease of new devices now, you won’t need to hassle yourself with spending so much equipment. All you need is a plane wave synthesizer and your phone and you’re good to go, which makes it one of the best things to try if you want to start creating your own music.

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