New Leaked images of iPhone 7 Plus

August 30, 2016


With the approach of September 7, when it is expected Apple to present its new iPhone model, leaks of information being strengthened. Now we can see new images that show potential new colors on the iPhone 7 Plus – Pro. Once again reveals a new, darker black version of the iPhone 7 with smart connector on the back.

The images come from the Chinese website MyDrivers, which is well known source of leaks from the Apple’s supply chain. Earlier we have seen pictures of a dark blue color version of the iPhone 7, but these only show black version.

New photos offer a clearer view of the bottom of the device, revealing that the headphone jack is gone and in its place has holes for speaker. Let’s hope that the new iPhone models will finally have stereo speakers.

We see that in the back of the iPhone 7 has smart connector that appeared in the iPad Pro last year. This option is the biggest mystery so far and it is not known whether he will be appears in the new iPhone model. In some leaked images we see these three points, but in others they are missing.

Front design of the iPhone 7 Plus – Pro is the same as what we know from the iPhone 6 Plus. “Home” button looks identical to the 6 Plus, which leads us to believe that the new type of button may even occur in the iPhone 8. The good news is that soon the speculation will end and we will see what’s new in the iPhone 7.

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