Not much to like: Facebook’s year-in-review list proves 2016 was the worst

December 17, 2016


Facebook is looking back at 2016 and released its annual year-in-review list, which highlights the year’s most talked-about topics. Unfortunately, it seems like the majority of the most talked about things this year weren’t positive — many of the topics were deaths of famous people, related to controversial events, or at least somewhat concerning.

Of course, not everything on the list was negative — Pokémon Go took out the third place and the Olympics and Super Bowl came in sixth and seventh, respectively.

Check out the full list for yourself below:

  1. U.S. presidential election
  2. Brazilian politics
  3. Pokémon Go
  4. Black Lives Matter
  5. Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine presidential election
  6. Olympics
  7. Brexit
  8. Super Bowl
  9. David Bowie
  10. Muhammad Ali

Top trending topics isn’t the only list the social media giant released — it also shared the list of top live videos for the year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top spot was taken by Candace Payne, also known as “Chewbacca Mom,” who basically shared a video of herself laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask — a video that garnered 162 million views. In the end, Payne was the only person who made the list — everything else was shared by news and entertainment companies.

If you’re been on Facebook in the past few days, you may have noticed that the company is rolling out a personalized look at 2016 for users, which basically shows a bunch of what it deems “meaningful moments” from the past year into a video on your News Feed. You know, so you can show everyone how great your year was. You can actually edit the video yourself, if you so choose, before sharing it. To find your video, simply head to


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