NVIDIA Announces ‘Genshin Impact’ (and More) for GeForce NOW

June 16, 2022
GFN Thursday featuring Genshin Impact and Chivalry 2

Happy GFN Thursday! It’s that time of the week where a swath of new games come to NVIDIA’s cloud gaming platform, GeForce NOW. In this edition, a long-awaited RPG that’s been in a limited beta since January finally gets a public launch date, plus six new games are playable on GFN starting today.

‘Genshin Impact’ Comes to GFN on June 23

Genshin Impact characters floating above a colorful map

After an extended limited beta, Genshin Impact is finally landing on GeForce NOW next Thursday, June 23. In this massive free-to-play RPG, you are the “Traveler” tasked with rescuing your lost sibling from the Unknown God while exploring the expansive world of Teyvat. It’s not until you run into a variety of unique characters that you learn you’ll also have to help save the Teyvat nations from various trials and tribulations.

While you’ll have to wait until next week to begin your Genshin Impact adventure on GeForce NOW, our sister site Review Geek has an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the popular game.

Games Launching Today

Man on horseback riding through soliders while weilding a sword

As for the games you can play on GeForce NOW today, you’ll be happy to know six titles are joining the fray with two new on Steam, one new on Epic Games Store, and another that’s free to claim from Epic. Enjoy!

  • Chivalry 2 (New on Steam)
  • Starship Troopers – Terran Command (New on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Builder Simulator (Steam)
  • Supraland (Free on Epic Games Store)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (Steam)
  • POSTAL: Brain Damaged (Steam)

Play These Games on GeForce NOW Today

GeForce Now Logo on a Green and Grey Honeycomb Background

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW is a versatile cloud gaming service that lets you play more than 1,300 paid and free PC games (from stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and more) on your computer, phone, tablet, and TV. Access a rig for free with GeForce NOW’s basic tier, or unlock even more perks and performance with the Priority tier for $9.99 per month or RTX 3080 tier for $19.99 per month.

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service that streams your favorite PC games to all of your devices via powerful NVIDIA GPUs.


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