Philips Comes Up with the Greenest TV – Econova 42 PFL6806

October 30, 2014

Going green is not merely fashionable these days…it is a huge trend, which no industry and no company wants to miss. Dutch tech giant Philips is not stepping out of line and has just introduced its greenest TV, the Econova 42 PFL6805.

So why should tree huggers want to buy this device? Well, for starters, the TV just won a prize for being the most environmentally friendly television in Europe. While running in Eco Mode, the TV does not use more than 40 watts of power, as confirmed through a test conducted by the Judicial Committee of the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association).

This is mainly due to elaborate LED technology that powers background lightning. It consumes much less energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps. Philips has also paid attention to details while creating this TV, such as the advanced remote control that is charged by solar energy.

First seen at the IFA in Berlin, the Philips Econova 42 PFL6805 is now available for sale everywhere.

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