Planning on picking up Samsung’s Gear S3? You’re out of luck

November 16, 2016


Samsung didn’t have its finest moment with the saga of the exploding Galaxy Note 7, but its reputation within the smartwatch game is seemingly at an all-time high.

After revealing its anticipated Gear S3 all the way back in August, the company finally allowed smartwatch-needy customers to take pre-orders over the weekend.

Either due to a limited stock or sensational demand, though, Sammy has already sold out of its Gear S3 in the UK. Yep, we’re not joking.

The wearable’s official release date is still scheduled for November 11, though following the pre-order madness you can’t make an order for one. Instead, you’ll be greeted with the below message:

“Due to high demand the Gear S3 is currently unavailable. Leave your details with us and we’ll let you know when it’s back in stock,” reads the official webpage.

The smartwatch comes in two models, the Frontier and Classic, with both options costing £349. That puts it right in line with entry-level pricing of the Apple Watch.

If you happened to be among the first thousand people placing a pre-order for the S3 before stocks went dry, you’ll also get a pair of Level Active headphones chucked in from Sammy. Everyone else will seemingly be held back from enjoying the round-bezelled device for a little bit longer.

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