PSA | Adobe to Make Photoshop FREE for Everyone Using Web-Based Version

June 15, 2022

Before you get too excited, the web browser version of Photoshop is not exactly the same as the full-fledged desktop version. It is a scaled-down version that is missing some advanced features of the desktop app. But still, it’s a treat nonetheless.

The web-based version of Photoshop was first unveiled last year as a collaboration tool for artists to share their work with the general public and other Photoshop users. Over time, Adobe has added features to the web-based app that allows users to make basic edits and add annotations. Tools available to free users include refining edges, adjusting curves, and performing similar basic operations.

Photoshop is the defacto standard for photo editing, but its high price tag has been a barrier to entry for many people. Instead of paying for a monthly subscription, many people opt to use free image editors, which can handle basic editing tasks. Adobe may be able to attract this group of users, luring them away from their free apps and moving them into Adobe’s platform. Once integrated into the Adobe universe, these free users may become paid users in the future.

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This move to a web-based interface also means folks with Chromebooks and older computers can use the photo editor. Users no longer need a high-end computer to begin using Photoshop to enhance their images. As long as they can run a modern web browser, people will be able to use Photoshop.

Adobe is currently testing this freemium version in Canada and is expected to expand its availability to other countries in the future.

Adobe Photoshop on MacBook Air Credit: Montecello / Shutterstock

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