Samsung Folding Tablet Patent Reveals New Details

August 30, 2016


If you ever thought that your tablet is a little big for your bag or pocket, the Samsung definitely wants to change this and to offer a device that can easily fit there.

The new patent explains how the giant tablet with a large screen will be folded in half like a book. The gadget has a curved display similar to the screens on Samsung Galaxy Edge phones. This means that you can set different icons or shortcuts for easier navigation.

According to the patent, the folding tablet will offer different modes depending on how it is folded. For example, if you want to use only the camera, it will be precisely by pressing the side of the display in an otherwise completely folded device. From the description is clear that to unlock the tablet will be entered password from the curved side of the display.

Also, there is a new technology called Floating Screen – the idea is that you can show an image of the two parts of the screen so you do not have to expand the tablet completely to view it.

So far this patent is still far from realization, but is the second of its kind after the original application from November 2015, Samsung definitely go towards for the realization of the idea.


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