Samsung Galaxy S3 prices drop before S4 launch

August 30, 2013


Seems like the new Samsung Galaxy S4 launch might be heading for a little glitch in its launch to the masses. In latest tech news for today, the Galaxy S3 price has dropped. As expected, stores across the world have slashed their prices for the Galaxy S3 in order to make room for the new S4. Mobile carriers usually do that in order to make room for newer models.

AT&T, USA’s largest mobile carrier has announced that it has cut the Samsung Galaxy S3 price by half as a clearing out sale. Usually buyers wait for such price cuts to get their hands on such deals. It also shows a hike in buying at the retail stores that ups their earning as well. AT&T has announced that its Samsung S3 will now sell for 99.99 dollars with a two year contact. This slashes almost 100 dollars off the original price. And with the two year deal, it seems a pretty good offer.

However, since critics have said the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 are almost mirror copies of each other in terms of interface and apps, many of the buyers may not want a new device at all.

Those of the tech savvy may fall for the boatload of new features that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has to offer. So may be clearing out the stocks is a good idea after all, as many will flock to get what latest Samsung has to offer. Then we will really see how Samsung Galaxy

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