Samsung is issuing an update to stop UK Note 7 devices getting more than 30% battery

December 13, 2016


Samsung is doing everything in its power to get UK customers to stop using the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, a phone which had a habit of exploding.

Android Police reports that from December 15, devices in the UK will begin to receive an update that will prevent owners from charging the Note 7 above 30%, in an effort to get any last customers to give back the phablet.

The resulting 1000mAh capacity will be less than that of the original iPhone’s capacity – barely enough to post a tweet on full screen brightness (don’t quote us on that).

The company had previously dropped battery capacities to 60% and last week it was announced that new software would stop users from charging at all from December 19.

They also announced in a statement that it had strong participation in the US Note 7 Refund and Exchange Program, with more than 93% of smartphones returned.


“Together with our carrier partners, we will be notifying consumers through multiple touchpoints to encourage any remaining Galaxy Note 7 owners to participate in the program,” it stated

Samsung has yet to offer an official explanation for what caused the batteries in its Galaxy Note 7 to combust, but a new report last week indicated that the issue was the company pushing the boundaries of the design a little too far.

The report from Instrumental noted: “It’s possible that Samsung’s innovative battery manufacturing process was changing throughout development, and that the newest versions of the batteries weren’t tested with the same rigour as the first samples.

The South Korean tech giant permanently ceased sales of the device back in October, only a day after announcing a temporary halt amid ‘safe’ device failures.

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