Sony’s New Bluetooth Speakers Are Tiny and Huge

May 9, 2023
Sony SRS-XB100 speaker in hand

Sony already sells some of the best Bluetooth speakers around, and the company has now revealed two new options: a compact speaker for calls and outdoor use, and a massive boombox-like model for room-filling sound.

Sony has launched a range of new speakers suited for everyone, whether you’re looking for something to blast music loudly in a party or something you want to take with you everywhere. For the former, we have the SRS-XV800 (leave it to Sony to launch products with complicated names), and for the latter, we have the SRS-XB100.

The XV800 has omni-directional sound that’s excellent for projecting sound to all corners of a room, with five tweeters so it’s not only very loud, but also clear. It has 25 hours of battery life and you can get up to an extra 3 hours out of a 10-minute charge. And if you want to roll it outside of the party, there are built-in wheels and a handle.

Sony SRS-XV800 speaker

For portability, though, you probably want the XB100, which is able to punch above its weight thanks to, according to Sony, a Sound Diffusion Processor that can boost the reach of sound. It comes with 16 hours of battery on a single charge, has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and even comes with extra perks such as hands-free calling and echo cancelling that allows two people to speak at the same time.

The XV800 costs $649, while the XB100 only costs $59. They’re both available for pre-order now, and they’ll become available on May 22.

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