T-Mobile Sees Lineups For iPhone Sales

August 30, 2013

120612digitstechbite1_512x288-300x168It’s difficult to admit that T-Mobile was the only one that did not come up with the Apple iPhone . Of all of the major US mobile companies, Even partly prepaid carriers like Virgin and Cricket Mobile USA had a piece of the action before T-Mobile.

Of course, T-Mobile has always worked to overcome this by stating that they had a big  range of Android phones and that these devices more than made up for the shortage of an iPhone on their network. Hence proofed on Friday and the company was really pleased to see the extra concern and income generated throughout their 3,000 retail outlets throughout the country.

With the innogaration of the iPhone, T-Mobile did come up to lineups outside few of their locations. Customers were quite amused about a T-Mobile iPhone with some saying that it was about time.

T-Mobile comes up with a bit different features. To initiate with, In $99 upfront cost you will get a 16GB iPhone 5 and this idea needs a 2 year commitment of $20 each month. Those that are interested in an iPhone 4S have to pay the same 30 days charge, but their upfront cost is a bit less than $99 i.e. $69.99. More economical is the iPhone 4 which you have to pay $18 down and $18 per month on a 24 months plan.

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S both are only accessible within a limited outlets , but the iPhone 5 is available in a couple of stores. In $199 up front you will get a 32GB model  and the 64GB model is available for $299down.

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