Tag Heuer’s Android Wear smartwatch now comes in rose gold for $9,900

November 20, 2016


In November 2015, Swiss luxury watch maker Tag Heuer introduced its first smartwatch, the Tag Heuer Connected. It had Tag Heuer’s signature look and a titanium case, but was otherwise pretty similar to other Android Wear devices, with one difference: It cost $1,500, several times more than most competitors.

Now, Hodinkee reports that Tag Heuer has launched a rose gold version of the watch which takes the price to a whole new level: $9,900.

Besides the rose gold case, it appears that this new Connected is exactly the same as the one launched last year. You can’t buy it on Tag Heuer’s site like other models, but Hodinkee claims it will be available at Tag Heuer dealerships this fall.

Tag Heuer’s gold smartwatch comes shortly after Apple dropped its $10,000+ gold Apple Watch Edition, replacing it with a ceramic (and, at $1,249, nearly ten times cheaper) variant.

On one hand, this is good for Tag Heuer, as the competition at that price point is nearly non-existent now. On the other, the market for an extremely expensive Android Wear smartwatch with one-year-old guts is likely very small.

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